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Packages that use BaseFunctionInterface

Uses of BaseFunctionInterface in com.ff.JEvaluator

Methods in com.ff.JEvaluator with parameters of type BaseFunctionInterface
 boolean JEvaluator.isFunctionRegistered(BaseFunctionInterface f)
          Checks to see whether a function was registered
 void JEvaluator.registerFunction(BaseFunctionInterface f)
          Registers a customized function to JEvaluator
 void JEvaluator.unregisterFunction(BaseFunctionInterface f)
          Unregisters a customized function to JEvaluator

Uses of BaseFunctionInterface in com.ff.JEvaluator.Functions

Classes in com.ff.JEvaluator.Functions that implement BaseFunctionInterface
 class Abs
 class And
 class Avg
 class Case
 class If
 class Log
 class Max
 class Min
 class Or
 class Random
 class RoundDown
 class RoundUp
 class Sqrt
 class Strlen
 class Sum
 class Val